At Peace with Truth-Harmonizing with Reality

Most of our suffering comes from refusing to see reality as it is. We are attached to being right, to winning, to having more money, to being loved, to being happy, etc…When we don’t get what we want, we feel rejected, unloved, and disappointed. Basically, we are not at peace with truth or reality.

When something bad happens to a good person, we may become skeptical of God’s power or graciousness. We may make God accountable for the bad experience and wonder why he would let such a terrible thing to happen to a good person if he’s fair.

We often ignore the fact that it’s though these bad experiences that one can find awareness, discover his path to truth, and grow stronger.

If we stay curious, we can use the bad experiences as free and valuable lessons to help us become closer to our divine being and discover our truth.  If all we get in life is good things, then how do we learn and grow? We would just stay happy in our comfort zone.

Every experience can add to our knowledge and if we use our inquisitiveness, we can learn things that are aligned with our truth rather than our beliefs. We can then solve a lot of our issues and help others as well.

For instance, when I have a bad experience, I may get sad or upset but I don’t blame anyone or myself. I just make sure I stay aware of what is happening. I don’t allow the experience to stop me from understanding what it’s meant to teach me; I stay aware of my purpose which is to learn about it, explore and grow.

Life is a rollercoaster. When we go down, it’s best to use the cause of our downfall as an opportunity to learn something new. This attitude keeps us on track to uncover our truths.



Our Truth

Our truth is our nature; that beautiful, pure and peaceful being deep within us before it was buried under all of our negative experiences. It is our foundation.

To succeed in finding that innocent part of us will depend on two things: Our own willingness to want to discover it and our soul’s maturity.

We know this beauty exists within us somewhere. If we are skeptical and doubt its existence or value, we will not discover it. We would simply place a block on our paths to finding it.

Inquisitive Thinking Is critical to Discovering Truth

By not being curious about our experiences and where they originate from, we stop ourselves from finding the underlying causes of our sufferings. Therefore, we will not come to terms with them and we won’t move on. We will stay stuck and take these bad lessons and apply them to other areas of our lives.

When we have a bad experience, it’s easy to want to blame someone for it. Because blaming relieves us. This way, we don’t need to get out of our comfort zone to analyze our problem. “it’s your fault”, we say or sometimes we blame ourselves just so that we can move away from confronting or creating any conflict with someone.

The option is not to blame anyone (i.e. others, God, or ourselves) because this attitude does not heal our wounds. Blaming only stops us from going deeper and gaining knowledge; therefore, we will not grow.

The person we are blaming will not be able to heal us. Playing the victim card can only cause more delay in reaching our truth. Therefore, we will remain frustrated and helpless.

We won’t be able to move on unless we are able to experience things objectively.  But the way to do that is to look at reality without involving our beliefs, ideas or memories of the past. We need to be able to remove these beliefs or ideas to allow our truth to come to light.

In my book, Cherish Your Inner Porcupine, I have emphasized that going deeper and revisiting a childhood experience responsible for a certain belief is a necessary part of removing impurities from our soul.

These false lessons have interfered with how we see, hear, act, and process things; they have distorted our vision to see our truth.

Finding Our Truth

As long as we are interested in finding our truth, all that happens to us in life will be acceptable and valuable.
At the beginning of our lives, we didn’t have any beliefs. We only had our souls, which were pure, peaceful and without judgments. With time our souls were buried under our ideas which were formed by our experiences and the environment that we grew up in. We then built our lives according to those beliefs.

Meditation Helps Us Expand Our Awareness

Once we become aware of our emotions, opinions, actions and thoughts which are mostly the result of our beliefs formed during childhood, we can start to set a goal of hunting down the root cause of those ideas.
However, it’s critical that we observe our thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental way. This is why meditation helps because there are no thoughts or judgements present during a meditative state.
When we arrive at the cause of our problem or the childhood memory behind an emotion or a thought, we must observe whatever is there with the utmost sincerity, and love toward ourselves and not judge anyone.
Every time we remember the exact childhood experience behind a feeling, opinion or thought, we remove its intensity; therefore, the more we examine the experience, the less intense our feeling becomes toward something and the closer we get to the portion of our soul that has been absent.
If you have anything to share, I’d love to hear your comments below.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I found it very interesting to read as it is right up my street.

    Love the part with the inner child, which is something else I am very interested in. I have used it with some of my clients and it worked wonders

    There is a lot of truth in going backwards to truly move forwards in many cases.

    1. Jennifer,

      Thank you for your comment. Just like anything else in life, the foundation must be right. To heal from the inside out, it’s best to stop treating symptoms and instead find the root cause.

      Thanks again,


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