Introducing Cherish Your Inner Porcupine

Would You Consider Spending the Rest of Your Life with Someone Exactly Like Yourself?

Cherish Your Inner Porcupine attempts to find possible answers to this question. Based on research and my own experiences, Cherish Your Inner Porcupine is the first book that can help you to:

  • gain control over your mind and obtain gradual awareness of your needs and your underlying beliefs;
  • find the right skills to remove those hidden views responsible for your disappointments;
  • be more in touch with reality, live a more peaceful life, and build successful relationships with others;
  • deal with different perspectives based on a win-win mentality; and
  • cope with the challenges in every relationship or friendship with the right set of tools and attitudes.

Cherish Your Inner Porcupine is divided into two parts. The first part helps people expand their perspectives in relationships and open their minds to things that they never thought they could achieve. It explores how to open doors in every person’s mind to create a more productive life.

The second part of the book helps people, particularly women to develop the right set of tools for finding their partners and maintaining  their relationships.

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