Healthy Relationship Advice-Trust Your Instincts

When people ask me where to get healthy relationship advice, my answer is simple: “by meditating and soul-searching.”



Trust Your Instincts

When it comes to relationships, a woman may often search for answers outside herself. She may think that others know better, see better and can make better judgements.

For instance, when she finally learns how to get over a toxic relationship, she doubts her own power. Instead, she gives the credit to someone or something else such as a new partner who “showed up at the right time” or a book she read or a therapist she talked to not knowing that without the readiness of her soul and her own willingness to learn, she could not have met the new partner, or understood the book or the therapist.

She becomes disrespectful to her soul when she ignores its knowledge and power; and therefore, stops it from growing.


Stay Present-Allow Your Wisdom to Guide You

Your soul is your home and your foundation. You naturally want to be there once you experience it.

As you use your wisdom or soul often, it starts to grow fast and takes charge of your life. It will be present in your life and you will use its guidance regularly.




I think it’s best if women don’t rely too much on other people’s advice regarding their issues . Instead they can look within and build a strong bond with their inner-selves/souls¬†through soul searching and meditation, allow their wisdoms to guide them, trust their instincts and find their answers that way.

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  1. I would go along with what you say about not relying on other peoples advise, I always think when it comes to relationships you know better than anyone else what is right for you.

    Relationships do go wrong and it is good to greave about but not for too long, if it has cone wrong then in my opinion it was not meant to happen, get your grieving out of the way don’t stay there to long it’s bad for you and your health.

    There is some who is right for everyone the next person could be the right one.

    1. Hi Bill,
      I appreciate your comment. Yes it’s unhealthy to grieve for too long especially when the ego gets in the way of seeing the truth. A person may grieve due to feeling victimized. Therefore, he/she will never see a way out of this darkness and feels stuck. As long as we blame others or ourselves for our pain, we won’t find our truths. Unfortunately, when we blame ourselves or others, we don’t allow our curiosity to find the reason and the cause of our pain. It’s through this grieving period that we need to ask what went wrong, what we wanted from our partners that we couldn’t give to ourselves and why we wanted something so bad.

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      Thanks again,


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