What Is an Open Mind-The Importance of Having an Open Mind in Relationships

Have you ever felt embarrassed because you missed a simple solution to a puzzle or problem? Maybe you struggled with the problem for a long time and even thought it was unsolvable, but then, once you were given the answer, you realized the solution was really uncomplicated. The reason you didn’t see the solution before is that you were so set in your beliefs that you couldn’t see the problem any other way.


Expand Your Mind in Relationships

In relationships, once you open your mind to everything even when it’s challenging to do so, you will realize how much easier it is to interact with people. It is critical to have an open mind in all your interactions with people and in life in general. You can make this possible by making a conscious effort and allowing your mind to look at things from different angles.


What Is an Opinion?

As long as we are on the subject of open-mindedness, I would like you to think about what an opinion is. When you’re trying to state your opinion, do you act authoritatively, as if your opinion is the only one that matters, and disregard all other opinions? Or are you receptive to other people’s ideas even when it’s hard for you to accept them?

Remember—an opinion is not a fact; it is one person’s perspective of something. When you are open-minded, you do not rely on only your own perspective; you open your heart and mind to all perspectives, even when you do not understand them. You are curious to know more, and your sense of curiosity pushes you to ask questions.

It’s these questions that ultimately lead you to finding the truth. When you believe you are right, you stop this process. You stop asking questions. You close this pathway that leads you to reality. The more questions you ask, the more accurate the answers will be. Even when you think you have your answers, you might still be far away from the truth.


Allow Your Wisdom to Grow

Expand your mind to anything and everything and ask your wisdom to guide you. Once you do this, you will be less stuck in problems and beliefs that stop your growth and cause you hardship.

When you let go of your need to be right, you invite many opportunities that open doors for you. You won’t lose anything by having an open mind; actually, you have a lot to gain from it.

Most people stick to their opinions because they feel more secure that way since they don’t want to question things, because by questioning, they dig into the unknown, which may prove them wrong.

What they don’t realize is that circumstances change from one moment to the next. Even though they strongly see things a certain way today, they may need to accept different perspectives later.

The more knowledge they gain about something, the easier it will be for them to change their view on it. What seems real now may not appear real tomorrow or in a different situation. So how can we say that our perception of something today is right when that perception can be quite the opposite tomorrow?

If our perception could be different in the future, then we cannot stick to it as if it’s the only thing that exists—unless it’s supported by facts. Even when something is backed up with facts, it doesn’t mean it will always be accurate or complete.

When something is proved by professionals, I believe it for the time being, but that doesn’t mean I will limit myself to that belief forever, since what is known as a fact today may also change with time.

For instance, although Newton’s laws have been proved to be correct, they are considered incomplete today. The laws are only valid for problems involving low speeds and for masses that are not too large or too small.

Here’s another example: In the past, people believed that the earth was flat. This belief was considered a fact, and no other belief was accepted. Experts have since proved the earth is round. The earth is round now, but its shape could change later, which means this fact, too, might change with time. As such, we need to be open to changing our beliefs even in relation to facts.


Allow Your Mind to Transform

By having an open mind, you are free to move from one point to the next. You don’t limit your mind, as you allow your mind to change if the circumstances require it.

With an open mind, your sense of curiosity stays active till you find the truth. Just because something is true for someone else doesn’t mean it’s true for you too. This is how people invent things that are more complete and functional than what has already been created.

I rely on my intelligence for finding answers to my questions. Every individual has wisdom, though some people have more than others’. These people have more wisdom because they’ve used their wisdom more often, and as a result, their wisdom has become stronger than their “porcupines“.

Their actions, their feelings, and their views are more positive than others’. They are the ones who feel fulfilled with whatever they have. They don’t need to be married to be happy. They don’t need more money to live a great life. They don’t need to be anyone other than who they are. These individuals are not lost. They know what they want. Their goals are not set based on emptiness. Therefore, they don’t feel down or bored after they reach a goal and ask, “Now what?” When I’m dealing with a challenging situation, I think a lot about the issue and do some serious soul-searching. I then meditate on it. Suddenly I become aware of the answer, immediately hearing it in a perfect short sentence. It feels as if the answer wakes me up. I feel a sense of freedom, peace, and power. This happens to me due to clarity.

Once my mind is clear of judgments, my focus is more on facts. I then act without being confused or doubtful. When I practice meditating this way on a regular basis, it becomes much easier for me to rise above my most challenging obstacles.

When I’m relying on my own wisdom rather than on something or someone else for guidance, I reach deeper for answers because I hold myself responsible for finding a solution. I find the best possible answer. I don’t just throw my problem out there and forget about it. If I can’t reach a solution through meditating or writing, it means that my wisdom still needs to grow. Therefore, I don’t stop my search. If I stopped there and only asked the universe and God for guidance without thinking about my problem, I wouldn’t be allowing my wisdom to develop; I would just be holding God and the universe responsible.

When you hold only God and the universe responsible, you may or may not receive the best answer. Sometimes the answer you receive is simply “It just wasn’t meant to be” or “God has other things planned for me.” If your connection with God or the universe is so strong that you can rely on that force more than your own wisdom (because it hasn’t reached maturity), go ahead and ask, but make sure you don’t abandon your own wisdom.

Almost every single time I’ve asked my wisdom to take charge in helping me overcome confusion, I’ve received clarification. I then ask more questions, and I receive more answers.

The amazing thing that happens is that my wisdom puts me on the right track and opens more opportunities to me as a result. At the end of all this soul-searching, I realize that most of my problems have to do with old beliefs or negative experiences.

Anytime I deal with a problem, I use it as an opportunity to learn something about myself: “Why do I feel this way? Where is this feeling coming from? If I never had that belief or experience, would I still see things the same way?” You get the point.

Life is continuously evolving. Situations change, and people’s attitudes change. Therefore, we need to be able to change as well and not be fixed to our beliefs. Otherwise, we won’t grow; we will always stay in one place. Even when our hair turns gray and our bodies change, our minds won’t.

In my book, Cherish Your Inner Porcupine, I’ve emphasized the importance of needing to take care of your soul and allowing it to develop.

Having an open mind and believing in your ability to change your thoughts and mindset will indeed change your world. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because you can learn from mistakes.

When something doesn’t work or you are struggling with an issue, you can think of a better way of approaching the problem by opening your mind to new perspectives regardless of how hard it is for you to do. Your mind is not meant to be fixed to anything. It must be free to transform.

If you want to share anything, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts below.

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  1. Hello,
    You do write beautiful posts, I understand you have to have an open mind in any relationship. Today it seems people give up so easy and are quick in wanting things to be perfect all the time and when not often the relationship ends. What in your opinion is the biggest reason for so many middle aged singles today, I really am impressed with your post and you will be helping many people.


    1. Thank you Jeff for your kind words. Unfortunately, a person can’t be forced to become open minded. Open mindedness and other real qualities happen as a result of two things. On one hand they depend on a person’s intention/willingness to be open-minded, accept, and view other opinions without judging and on the other hand they depend on the maturity of his/her soul. In other words a person must want to develop spiritually and at the same time, his being must be ready and present to grow.


  2. Some beautiful words on the problems of having “the right opinion” that can be a relationship breaker, many an arguments have resulted when people hold onto to their opinions and their version of facts, at the end of the day, you best just walk away and forget about it!,… I believe it comes from a position of low self esteem, not able to look at or contemplate any other position bar their own. You have a wonderful site here have had a look at other articles you have written and many are very thought provoking. thank you for allowing me to write my comments on your site

  3. Hello Gus,
    I greatly appreciate your lovely comments.
    I agree with you that our insecurities are to blame for lack of open mindedness. I believe this happens in one of two ways: It either happens consciously when we try to defend our egos or it happens unconsciously when the mind stays in its comfort zone and believes in its own knowledge derived from life experiences/beliefs. Either way, when we defend our ideas, we don’t allow our soul/wisdom to grow. All of this is related to the activity of the mind which we can go without, especially in this case. And the only way to see the reality and truth is for the mind to stay absent which happens during the meditative state.


  4. Love it, Sierra.
    So true about an opinion. Its not fact, just a preference based on beliefs.
    Needing to be right is quite a strong energy you see all around and at times within. I ask myself Right? or Happy? Most times, not all the time, I choose happy 🙂
    Clarity is smoothness flowing over the mind, body and soul. Its relief ahhhhh.
    Your words do that!
    Love your writing, love your views. You see the whole picture, not just bits.
    Again, Well done Sierra.
    Keep them coming. Let me know and I will be happy to read your work.

    Di 🙂

    1. Thank you Diane for your kindness. I love what you said.
      Self-righteous people have to win because it’s the only way they feel worthy. Their egos are blocking their view of reality. They don’t want to accept that they feel empty inside and their happiness depends on being approved by others. They become demanding: they need to be heard. They want others to tell them that they are right and that their opinions matter. They are too busy protecting their ego. However, in the long run they suffer and become alienated.

  5. Hi Siera,

    Lovely website and post. You write with great soul and clarity. Love it. Yes so many people these days are very closed minded. I look at things like Donald Trump and Climate change. If you write a post on Facebook about either you get loved by 50{8d92a8786ff6eb309583135278420824913296da79340a7c2e1e405b5763b13b} and really hated by the other 50{8d92a8786ff6eb309583135278420824913296da79340a7c2e1e405b5763b13b}!. Its crazy.

    In relationships I agree with all you say. having an open mind allows our minds to look at both sides of any situation without prejudice.

    So many people have huge ego’s and can’t stand being made to look wrong. I meditate twice a day and it helps me so much to stay centred. If we all meditated maybe we would have a more open minded society. What do you think? Thanks for a great post. Sharing 🙂


    1. Hi Kev,

      I absolutely agree with you that everyone needs to meditate. Because it’s during meditations that we become more in touch with reality and quiet down our mind chatter. If we were all grounded, I don’t think we would have any wars. We would live in a more peaceful world.

      Thanks for your comments.


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